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Great staff, friendly service, and handy locations. Find us at 83 Browns Bay Rd & 62 Anzac Rd, Browns Bay, Auckland.

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Know what you’re paying for and pay for only what you need! We don’t do repairs, so there’s no incentive to find extra work.

No Booking Required!

We are now NZTA agents and can process all your vehicle registration and road user charges needs!

Now open until 4pm Saturdays!

About Us

The vehicle service station at the Top of the Hill has been the local go-to WOF shop since the late 1980s. From June 2023, we are now also at the bottom of the hill in the heart of Browns Bay! We now have a second convenient location on Anzac Road. Same top reputation, same quality service, made even more convenient for the amazing locals of Browns Bay and surrounding areas.
Specialists in WOF’s, COF’s and oil changes. Experienced automotive expert Grant O’Donoghue bought the business in 2019 and continues to provide the same great service, with the same great team, in two brilliantly handy locations.

“We provide the best service, at great prices. We’re super-friendly, and we’re local. Come in and see us!”

Grant O’Donoghue, Owner

No Appointment Required

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Combine a WOF and an oil change and save $20!
Now offering COF (Certificate of Fitness) for taxis, shuttles, rental vehicles, etc. If your vehicle fails for bulbs or wiper blades, we always have them in stock, we can replace them on the spot, & get you on your way!


  • Car

  • Motorcycles

  • Trailer

  • Police Notice WOF (Green & Pink)



  • COF A



  • Oil Top Up 1L (from)

  • Wiper Blades

  • Light Bulb (from)

  • Trailer WOF holder



  • Small (to 1200cc)

  • Medium (1200 to 2600cc)

  • Large (2601cc plus)

  • Lge Diesel / SUV / Euro


*Additional charges may apply for some models.



We stock a range of quality batteries for all makes and models of vehicle and all budgets.  Our quick and convenient battery replacement service will have your new battery installed while you wait, with a safe and responsible disposal of your old battery.

We are now NZTA agents and can process all your vehicle registration and road user charges needs!


Local Vehicle Testing Centre – North Shore, Auckland

No appointment required! Just come in and see us!

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